Persuasive Speech On Dream Vacation

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Every year you promise yourself, "I will travel more this year," but feel you must save up mega bucks first. Maybe before you tackle the "dream vacation" you should start small in an effort to sharpen your travel shopping skills. Today we will discuss how skipping that daily latte and brown bagging most of your meals, can easily turn into a weekend trip to Chicago or New Orleans - yes, it is possible check out the example below. Instead of buying...Save...For... 16 large lattes @ $4 =$64 or A hotel room for one night at a nice hotel. 16 dinners/weekend lunches @ $12=$192 or A Roundtrip Airline Ticket 16 workday lunches @ $8= $128 or Spending money for shopping and dining. TOTAL SAVED $384 for a relaxing weekend out of town OK you have …show more content…
There are many different methods that can save you money on travel. Add these together, and they can be significant. Save on transportation A big part of the cost of traveling involves transportation to and from your destination, often in the form of airline tickets. There are many ways to save on these. You can look for a lower cost carrier such as Spirit. Use the Internet and websites like to compare different fares and look for specials and sales. Certain days of the week and times of year are far cheaper. You can also look to a less expensive form of travel such as buses or trains. If you will be driving, consider carpooling with someone to share the cost of the trip. You can also save on the cost of a rental car. Many companies like Budget have deals based on the amount of days you choose. You can usually find coupons in the Entertainment book and special deals online. Save on hotels Hotels are another large cost of vacationing. You may be able to stay at a friend or family member 's house to save. Also, look for less expensive hotels. You can look online at a website like Priceline to save money. Many hotels have specials and sales. You can look for coupons online or in discount savings books like Room Saver. Save on attractions Many tourist destinations offer a variety of ways to save. For instance attractions such as Lion Country Safari offer coupons, which can be significant. Some places offer special deals during certain times of the year or on the weekdays. You may be able to save money if you buy more than one ticket at a time or get a seasonal or annual pass. Look for discounts for which you may be eligible such as AAA, military, or senior discounts. You can also look for lower cost diversions. One way to save is to look for package deals. Some travel companies will offer specials if you book a hotel, pay for airfare, and combine other components of your travel together. You may be able to

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