Essay on Persuasive Speech : High School

1367 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
I once attended a persuasive speech in high school that attempted to persuade me to participate in other religious rituals. The woman that was presenting used many methods. She tried to change my beliefs by referring to different religious books, for instance, Allah. She also tried to change my attitude by making me feel as if I am being “stuck up” and “closed minded”. She wanted me to explore my options and branch out on my own other than following my parent’s beliefs. My religion is Christian and I was not persuaded to change my beliefs or participate in any other rituals that does not involve anything I already believe. I chose to believe in God on my own because I know in my heart that it’s the right thing to do. If I was going to give a persuasive speech on college, my specific purpose statement for a speech to convince would be: “College is something that everyone should attend, because it is very hard to find a decent career where you don’t have to have education besides just a high school diploma.” A speech to convince is one that tries to influence particular beliefs. A purpose statement for a speech to actuate would be: Surry Community College is the best college to attend because there are five locations and they’re rated 7th in North Carolina. A speech to actuate is a speech to influence actions. If I were to draft a proposition of fat on shortening class time, it would be, “All students want shorter class time, but is that what they should get? Scientific…

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