Persuasive Essay: Why Do Humans Need Happiness?

We humans need a lot to survive in this world, but we also really want a lot in this world. We all want to enjoy the good times and forget the bad times and that is why we think that it’s really important to play instead of doing anything else. Time goes by faster when you are doing something you love. You are driven every morning waking up to do some work, but without some hobbies to cool you down, you can really just break. My goal of this paper is to provide you with evidence that happiness for us humans is a must.

Humans wake up every day, some really happy, some really sad. The ones that wake up happy are probably looking forward for something that would make them happy, but even if you wake up sad, you will strive to look for something
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It’s true that you don’t need to be happy to live through your life, but most people would enjoy a happy life more than any other life and they might not be happy while working for that money, but when they put down the food they provide, they will achieve happiness by seeing that they matter in this world. “You don’t need other people to survive though, you just need yourself and a way to feed yourself”, quoting my opponent. That’s also true, but you’ll turn into a more and more negative person everyday and be lonely for the rest of your life. Would anyone truly want to live a life like that? Paying for someone to teach you how to be happy? Everybody should already know what happiness feels like.“The strongest predictor of happiness is not money, or external recognition through success or fame,” Gruber says. “It’s having meaningful social relationships.” That means the best way to increase your happiness is to stop worrying about being happy and instead divert your energy to nurturing the social bonds you have with other people”(Gruber). In this quote, Gruber clearly said that you can be happy if you nurture your social bonds, but the negative or cold hearted people don’t know how to do this because they don’t have much social connections and that’s why they would pay to learn …show more content…
Sooner or later you will grow up and have to make your own living. You also won’t be connected to all of your friends forever, all of you will have to grow up and go to college and let 's be honest here, you won’t all go to the same college. Another argument you might make is that “how can you not be happy when you’re living a good and wealthy life? You can get almost anything you wish.” You can get everything and act like you’re the happiest person in earth but nothing ever last. Study has shown that you can’t keep something interesting forever, sooner or later you’ll get bored with what you bought. Friendship on the other hand last a long time. You’ll have to go to college and be separated, but with today’s technology, some relationship or friendship can last for a very long

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