The Debate Of Euthanasia

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To Euthanize?
Whether it’s your hand or Time’s hand that ends the person/patient’s life, they still die. Ending life early is a very controversial subject because of how difficult it is for some to speak about it, especially if they’ve had to live though that experience. Some believe that Human life is sacred, and shouldn’t be wasted. Others believe that euthanasia can be justified because the current rules holding back euthanasia no longer apply with advanced medicine and ease suffering. In this essay, I hope to successfully argue that euthanasia should be legal to use under the correct circumstances.
In a religious view, killing is often viewed as immoral. The main reason given is that human life is very valuable. It is a “gift from God” and, like how all gifts should be treated, you should like and be grateful you got one, even if it’s not what you hoped for. Killing in any sort of way, even ending your own life (unless in sacrifice to God), goes against the rules God laid out for everyone to follow. This makes euthanasia a difficult topic to debate. You, as a doctor, could be asked to euthanize a newborn baby that wouldn’t be able to
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This belief stems from the fact that I believe each person is their own entity, and it should be their choice whether they continue their treatment or not. However, some people believe all forms of killing is wrong. But under the correct circumstances, euthanasia can benefit the patient as well as the people they affect. It’s economically more affective because treatments like life support, where the patient really isn’t even “there”, are ridiculously expensive. Euthanasia improves the quality of life. Should a patient with a terminal illness be forced to life the rest of their life in constant pain, or just be allowed to end the suffering. I believe euthanasia should be a tool used under the correct reasons because it can improve the quality of

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