Euthanasi The Pros And Cons Of The Bill Of Rights

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The Bill of Rights is a name for the first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing rights of American citizens. The House of Representatives had already approved of the Bill of Rights on September 24 1789. This decision was considered extremely controversial as it went against the anti-federalists will, assuring their fear that the federal government would be granted superabundant power which in turn would deprive the people of certain liberties. This resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court mandating that the state governments accept and protect the liberties stated in The Bill of Rights. It was ratified by certain states on December 15, 1791 and officially went into effect on March 1, 1792. The Bill of Rights lays a foundation …show more content…
There are those who use loopholes such as traveling to other countries where euthanasia is legal to end their hurting. In The Guardian article, “Why Euthanasia Should be Legal” the pros of euthanasia are discussed. It says, “The ability of the wealthy….and have-nots unequally.” Unfortunately those who find a way around the law are the ones who can afford it. Uf money is not available to those who suffer from terminal diseases, the family must deal with the extra pressure of finding the means for their loved one to have the fate they decide. In The Mirror article, “Daughters of terminally ill mum raising money euthanasia clinic trip call for change in assisted suicide law”, focuses on a daughters, who in order for their mother to stop suffering must raise money. It says, “Two daughters who are trying to raise money for their terminally ill mother to die in a euthanasia clinic want a change in UK law.” The wealthy have the money and resources available to travel to other countries to lawfully take their life. By legalizing euthanasia, the choice to take one’s life would become accessible to all regardless of economic

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