Euthanasia Research Paper

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Euthanasia is known as the deliberate killing of a person or persons; usually by doctors in hospitals through a lethal dose. These patients are mainly those who suffer from critical incurable ailments or those who have been in the state of deep coma for a very long time to the point that all hope of them ever recovering is no more. The belief is that these patients are suffering and by killing them painlessly they are relieved. The aim of this paper is to discuss; if there is such a thing as a "good death" and if there is what would constitute such a departure if there are any circumstances under which it is morally permissible to end your life. If so, what are they if not, why not, if there are any circumstances under which it
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Attempts to figure out what constitutes a good death has often lead to more questions. However, not all deaths are sad; people always prefer some deaths to other deaths. No one likes to suffer; therefore everyone would always go for the type of death where they would die without going through much pain. Death in the sleep is preferred to death by fire or by any form of drowning. Death from old age with the support of loved ones is always not so painful in as much as these loved ones are left behind feeling sad. The concept of "a good" death covers a broad area. At times how one perceives death depends on their psychological acceptance of the situation. When people accept that they are going to die they prepare their loved ones in time and put everything in order before leaving; this makes it easier for the loved ones to accept it and feel less pain when they finally depart. What mainly constitutes better death is: less pain or scars left behind and less suffering to the persons facing death themselves, and also dying when you have had the support of your entire family (Fletcher, …show more content…
In countries where it is illegal, it 's felt like an infringement on human life. However, so many circumstances are reasons enough to justify the use of euthanasia. It is right to let an individual die of natural courses, this way; the person shall have lived fully. However, in situations where one suffers a lot, the only way to help them end the agony is through euthanasia that is doctors administering a lethal dose to them to end their lives painlessly. Though people hate suffering, others may prefer to suffer and die when they are aware of the happenings around them. A good example is a woman/man suffering from cancer who prefers to go through the pain as long as he/she gets to spend the last days with the family cherishing each day; in this case administering a lethal dose with the claim of helping them is very wrong and a great disrespect to their lives (Steck et al.

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