Essay On Achieving The American Dream

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The Path to Achieving the Dream? Not so easy. When most people look at it, they would say that it is easy for them to achieve the American dream, but people like me would say that it is actually quite hard to do. The high price of going to college can stop us from achieving the American dream. Even if we do go to college, later on in life, it will make us have problems with money. A solution that colleges/universities and the government can do is find a way to lower the cost of college. Money is a big factor to contribute when trying to achieve the American dream, and not having it can stop us from achieving it in a big way. Not having a lot of money can stop you from doing things like going to college to get a good education, which can stop you from getting your dream job. Middle class parents even have a tough time paying for their children’s education. …show more content…
They would argue that college is affordable because, we have the government helping us out with financial aid. They say things like “we are getting free money to help us pay for college.” Yes that is true but like it was stated in earlier paragraphs, they are leaving out the fact that financial aid is only paying a small fraction to help us pay for college, and that we will still end up paying a ton of money ourselves, and that if your parents make “too much money”, you may not receive financial aid at all. They also argue that if we do not have the money to pay for tuition, we can just take out a loan and pay the money back later. That is also true, but once again they are leaving out the fact that later on down the road, we will have to pay the money but we will also have to pay an interest rate that comes with the price of taking out a loan. We will have to take the money that we make from our dream job in the future, and put most of it aside just so we can pay for a loan that we had no choice but to take in

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