Persuasive Essay: Taking A Place At A Parking Place

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First, find a parking spot. Make sure the parking spot is both big enough to fit your car and, also that your allowed to park there. Find a spot that you feel will be safe to park in, so you won’t hit another car. You will need a space that’s a few feet longer than your car. Also, the parking space must be a legal spot. You can’t park next to a driveway, near a construction zone, fire zones or a fire hydrant. Next, use your blinker to signal toward the space as you approach it, slow down, and stop. Make sure to let the vehicle behind you know that you are going to park. Watch the vehicle behind you because the driver can either wait patiently or go around you. If the driver chooses to go around you, then you must wait until the driver passes you. If you don’t wait you might hit the car as you try to park. If another car comes behind you while you are trying to park just stop where you are and keep signaling. You might even need to put down your window and wave your hand to notify the other driver to go around you. Then, line up your side-view mirror with the side-view mirror of the other vehicle you are about to park behind. The tighter the space, the closer you …show more content…
Make sure you don’t get too close to other the vehicle because you might end up accidently scraping it. Look at your side-view mirror for guidance. Furthermore, shift into reverse, this will turn on your car’s white reversing lights. Before you start reversing, you must check all around you. Check for pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles. If everything around you is completely clear, then you may turn your steering wheel to the right with two hands. Do not turn the wheel with only the palm of your hand. If you turn the steering wheel with only your palm, your hand can slip which is very dangerous. Instead use the hand over hand steering. This method insures safety. You should turn your wheel about one full roatation or

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