Persuasive Essay On Voting

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One of the key concepts in United States of America is having liberty, so the state is not forcing citizens to do anything that they don’t agree upon like voting.During the election if no candidates share your view on politics, you should have the right to be neutral and not vote. I understand that voting is a right and using them to the best of your abilities will greatly benefit you. But being forced or “mandatory” to vote for someone that you don’t know anything about will be a misrepresentation of the public 's best interest. That can potentially elect the wrong person in office and cause citizens to establish a distrust in the free peoples voting system.

I grew up in a very conservative household where my parents watched the “political
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If we as a people do decide that there needs to be changes in vote we first need to look at the type of system and the type of people that are the majority of voting. Also as the public why people are not voting by giving surveys to find out different reasons why people are choosing to boycott the election so the government can help better serve the people that work hard to establish. It may just be that people are lazy and don’t think their vote actually counts towards anything and that can be addressed in school. Having a class on how the voting system works in America so people know, live and learn the

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