Persuasive Essay Torture

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There are some things that persist throughout history and into the modern world. One of such is the increase of pain or stress levels of an individual to obtain information. These said situations are often classified as torture. These acts have been used since the stone ages into the modern ages, and although have changed drastically over time, still remains. Despite what critics say, torture tactics of interrogation should not be allowed to be used in official government situations; there are better, alternative solutions.
Torture has been used for centuries without question. Techniques of such were developed excessively in the medieval era of history with many new devices which people underwent for petty thefts. Such ideas were represented
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After George W. Bush pronounced the known existence of previously secret CIA prisons throughout the world and 14 al Qaeda leaders who had been at Guantanamo Bay would be brought to trial, naturally, prisoner rights comities outcried against these actions. In 2004, the public release of photographs showing U.S. treatment of prisoners being beaten, intimidated, and sexually abused at Abu Ghraib in Iraq made people push for such places such as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to be closed …show more content…
This reason is the techniques used in torture. They have been argued to be inhumane and ineffective. As explained in an internet article:
“The methods used included: stress positions, mock executions, solitary confinement, hooding, and other forms of sensory deprivation, removal of ‘comfort items’, forced nudity, forced grooming, taking advantage of the detainees fears (dogs), exposure to cold weather or water and allowing an interrogator to use a wet towel and dripping water to induce the misconception of suffocation…the techniques used at Abu Ghraib were first used at Guantanamo”. (Torture Techniques used in Guantanamo”

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