Essay On Utilization Of Torture

Torture is defined as the intentional infliction of severe physical or mental pain or suffering for purposes such as obtaining information, a confession, punishing, or intimidating someone. However, there are several other modern methods to get one to admit, and torture should not be deemed as one. Torture can result in not only physical affliction, but also emotional and psychological. Every human beings rights should always be respected and guaranteed regardless of the situation. Torture is illegal all around the world, so if the government breaks the law, how should the people feel safe? The utilization of torture should not, under any circumstances, be justified. Torture as a concept is unethical, it dehumanizes people, and has a lot of consequences.
Torture should never be used as a substantial answer to any given situation. Observing it from an ethical perspective, torture treats the victim as a thing rather than a human being with value and purpose. It has shown in the past that once a country is accused of using torture, all credibility is lost and they are understandably looked down on. It is an extreme violation of human rights and should never be condoned. Torture will continue to stir in the victims of a cruel deity that will be kept in his or her’s conscious and will eternally cause agony and suffering. Some societies use
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Whether its for the benefit of innocent people or sadistic satisfaction, it should never be justified. It alters a person's life to the worse. Every human should feel safe. If they are withholding information then it's their choice and they have a right of choice. Governments should not violate those human rights because they are the ones who should protect the people. Saving the innocent people shouldn't be a valuable excuse to torture someone. Torture is unethical, inhumane, an insufficient way to gather information, and society should never allow

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