Persuasive Essay On Think Or Kill

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Adam Hussein
Senior Thesis
17 February 2015
Think or Kill In seconds a persons life can be taken by gun, one rash decision can never be changed. In modern society it seems to be a reoccurring decision to just pull the trigger, some people have lost the concept of thinking before doing and now it has taken its tole. People see that it takes less time to actually think about pulling the trigger, than to actually do it. Over eleven thousand people a year suffer this fatal death, one that comes by the hands of another human being. The nonsensical thought processes by the murders has brought shame to the American name and the rights we are given as a society. Some may ask what exactly is gun control, “ Gun control, the governments limitation
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The Lanza family purchased an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle from Bushmaster. Although the buyer of the gun, (Adam Lanza’s mother) did not use it in unlawful actions, her son did. The rifle was too easy to take and use, and what is the mental stability on this person, why are checks not implemented on everyone that the buyer lives with. This rifle was then put to destruction as Barrett says, “Bushmaster, you’ll recall, made the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle used by the killer of 20 first-graders and six educators.”(Barrett 1). Here one sees that this semiautomatic rifle is extremely lethal, and look how easy it was to buy the gun. It disgusts majority of people that one can obtain such a weapon so easily, but the worst is he used it in a malicious manner. “20 first-graders and six educators”, take that in. Twenty-six people will never roam this world again, will never smile, will never do anything. Twenty of which are kids robbed of their life before it even started, and if one believes that it is okay to allow citizens the power to just rob people of their lives is the first person to go mad himself. This firearm in particular was used to harm than just those families at the school, it also harm the Lanza family. In the article, “The Gun Debate” the author mentions that Lanza had already killed his mother at their home. Proceeding this the author says, “The massacre left the entire nation grieving and wondering …show more content…
People who are mentally insatiable take their lives, people who are sad and do not know what to do take their lives, many Americans try to help these people by offering suicide hot lines to talk about problems, but it does not seem to help. One thing that does not cross the mind of people is how people actually commit suicide. What exactly do they do to take their lives. In the article, “Suicide, Guns, and Public Policy” the author runs down how people take their lives and how impulsive it can be, but one fact stood out. The author says, “Guns are used for more suicides in the United States a year than for homicides.” (Lewiecki). This truly stood out, just having a firearm around does not only take the life of another person, but the shooter often takes their own life. The increase in gun purchases correlates with the suicide rate as it is more often just having a gun around the home may spark the desire to take ones own life. Not all deaths are even premeditated and thought out before happening. The fact that a gun is lying around increases the risk of someone dying simply by accident as well. With the suicide rate continuing to rise and the rate of those deaths coming from a gun should be a prime example that stricter gun laws must be enforced to better society inside and outside of home. A potential solution for this problem is giving psychiatric examinations to people who are willing to buy a gun. These evaluations do

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