Persuasive Essay On School Uniform

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The idea of having to wear a school uniform originated from England when boys with hair above their shoulders and girls with dresses below their ankles. School uniforms are slowly coming back and they are being used in more public schools today. Public schools should use school uniforms because students would not be jealous of others and students would be more focused on their grades rather than their clothes. If schools used uniforms students would be less jealous of others. In Detroit a 15 year old teenager was killed for his shoes worth eighty six dollars . Another teen was shot and killed in a cross fire between two students trying to steal a designer jacket. That is the kind of thing that school uniforms would prevent. In most public schools there is some sort of a social tower. Sometimes it is the mean girls or the jocks it is existent in every school. With school uniforms that very social tower would be removed from most public schools. School uniforms would greatly raise students self-esteem eventually leading to mold …show more content…
"A school in which students are expected to wear standardized dress or a school uniform is an environment where administrators and teachers are sending a clear message that students need to put academics before fashion." Using school uniforms would help students focus on their grades more than their clothes. Without the pressure to wear a good looking or matching outfit students can just throw on their already matching uniform and eat a healthy breakfast and get a shower and get to school on time. Also using school uniforms stops the chance of people wearing illicit things that are distraction's in a learning environment. Students would also view school uniforms as business or work clothes. If public schools used school uniforms, students would be less focused on looking poor or dirty. That is why schools should use

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