Persuasive Essay On Racial Discrimination

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Racial discrimination is a big deal in America even today. Although racial discrimination has gotten better, in some places it is worse than ever before. What’s more shocking is the racial discrimination going on in the police force. But first we need to take a look at the crime rates in America per state. The information given is from the year 2012. This reason for this is due to the fact that newer information and statistics have not been officially released yet. Nationwide there were 12,196,959 arrests. Most arrests happen in big cities or in Border States (states bordering other countries). For example Arizona has thousands of arrests relating to illegal immigrants each year, but how many of those arrests were false and only committed due to the fact that …show more content…
IO urge you to not use racial comments and slurs, especially if you are a father who has major influence on your son. Racism should not be tolerated in the police force so if you are a police officer I encourage you to help other police officers including yourself to not be racist in your actions and if they are I hope you would have the courage to tell someone of higher authority and report this hate and disgust so that we can stop racist thinking one step at a time. And lastly if you are a student I encourage you to tell your friends not to encourage racism by using racial slurs and remarks and not to judge people on how they lookm but instead who they are as a person. Remember it only takes one person to make a difference.
In conclusion racism is very much alive and well in the police force in today’s society. The points made in this essay will hopefully persuade people to no longer use racial slurs and stand against police officers who racially discriminate against people. Racial discrimination is bringing society down and as long as we fuel the fire of racism it will continue to strive in our

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