Persuasive Essay On Pet Dogs

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Wet noses, wagging tails, soft paws, big-round eyes, and loving hearts are all qualities of the loving canines in our animal shelters. Millions of dogs enter our animal shelters, and millions of these lovable animals are put down in those shelters. These innocent animals, who would 've been amazing pets, are put down because people do not adopt when looking for a pet. While some will think that obtaining the loyal companionship a pet offers through a breeder is conflict-free, they are wrong. While there may be some conflict-free breeders, there are many, many, many, breeders who neglect and abuse their breeding dogs and their puppies. Many of the states in our country have no legal regulations for the breeders to follow when it come to the …show more content…
Adopting a dog to complete someone’s family saves that dog’s life, improves their own, and fights against breeders and puppy mills.
Overcrowding is a serious issue in our animal shelters; the ratio of incoming dogs being rescued to dogs being adopted is vastly unequal. Over two and a half millions innocent dogs are euthanized each year because of overcrowding. This is in part due to the fact that people are buying from pet stores, breeders, and flea markets. When a person adopt a pet instead of buying one, that space is then opened for another dog to be rescued and be placed for adoption. Not only does adopting a dog stop animal shelters from becoming overcrowded, but adopting also saves that dog.
Some people fear adopting dogs because they are wary of not fully knowing that dogs medical past. While that is true that for most rescued dogs, animal shelters are required to medically evaluate each new dog they take, and if there are health issues they will get it treated or fully disclose the illness to the potential adopter However, the majority of pet shops and breeders are not required to give any veterinary care to their animals, and they are not required to disclose any health issues to potential buyers. It is far more probable to receive a ill dog from a pet shop, or another pet seller than an animal
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Their main sources of profit are pet shops; pet shops sell purebred puppies for hundreds of dollars. People buy these puppies for prices that are more than double the average adoption cost because people desire to have specific breed because of their looks or because of that breed characteristics. However, those characteristics that someone may have in mind for their perfect pet is not a guarantee. The best way to assure that your dogs acts a specific way is to train your dog to exhibit the qualities you want in a dog. For instance, Labradors are a breed of dog famously known for their love of water, but buying a Labrador puppy does not guarantee that the puppy you bought will love the water. The best way to assure that your dog will reacts happily to water is to train that dog to associate water with good things like affection, praise, and treats. Take your dog out to the water and introduce them to the water and reward them for being in the water; if you do this it will not take a long amount of time for your dog to love the

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