Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power

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Nuclear power, is it the best way to approach our increasing demand for energy? This is a great way to generate power, but some may argue the cost for a power plant can be avoided by creating cheaper renewable energy sources. Reactors are now currently being worldwide in countries including Russia, Japan, China, United States, India and many more. Coal was and still is the worlds leading energy source, and must be stopped or it will continue to destroy the environment and cause many more health hazards especially for those living near coal power plants. Since nuclear plants are very resourceful, relatively cheap to operate, has a high security presence, and it greatly improves the environment, the idea of creating more nuclear power plants …show more content…
Newer nuclear reactors operate at atmospheric pressure, which eliminates both the need for a massive container structure and threat of an explosion taking place. Power plants are among the most defended structures in the country with highly trained security officials guarding it at all times and the structure itself is prepared to defend against a variety of scenarios, including: tornadoes, earthquakes, and …show more content…
The environment is always changing whether its for the better or worse, it all depends on the decisions that we make everyday. Nuclear energy has greatly influenced the environment due to its pollution-free qualities and amount of energy that it can produced at a given time, it may influence others to consider the production of more nuclear plants. The power plant project takes anywhere between 260 sq miles to 360 sq miles taking up much less space than the number of other renewable sources in order to compete.

Many may argue that renewable sources, like wind and solar doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide, so why should we spend billions constructing a power plant if we can make more existing solar and wind structures for a source of energy? Although the structure itself may cost a lot less than a nuclear plant, the power plant has a much higher life expectancy, produces energy much cheaper than other renewable energy sources, and it takes up less space than the amount needed to compete with a nuclear power plant. Another concern is about the disposal

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