The Effects Of Nuclear Power

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Why Nuclear Power is not a Solution

Nuclear Power is being considered more as an energy source. Nuclear energy is the energy in the nucleus of an atom. Atoms are the smallest particles that can break a material. Each atom there are two kinds of particles: neutrons and protons. This energy can be obtained in two ways: fusion and nuclear fission. In nuclear fusion, atoms fused together forming only one atom, as a sun produce energy. In nuclear fission, atoms break in smaller atoms, only this way all nuclear plants produce energy. Nuclear fusion is not feasible although is in development. Nuclear plants produce energy exactly the same way that thermal power station operating with coal, oil or gas, only providing heat to the water is different
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If there is any leaking nuclear material or dust, it will be a big problem for people because it is very toxic and dangerous. It is difficult find any good reason for health about nuclear power because radioactive is extremely harmful. For some researchers, nuclear power can be good for health. Some people and organization have seen nuclear power as a kind of power that has minimal impact on the environment and public health through all stages of power generation. (Cassola & Renneboog, 2014). But the radioactive effects are very dangerous, mainly for a long time. Radiation can penetrate deep inside the human body where they can damage biological cells and thereby initiate a cancer. If they strike sex cells, they can cause genetic diseases in progeny. (Cohen, n.d). There is a measure used to measure the level of radioactivity that a human is exposed, this is Millisieverts per hour (mSv). For example, depend of the level measured, is possible to know what kind of symptoms you can have. If was until 250 mSv there is no damage, but more, people can lose appetites or have some damage to the spleen. The biggest problem is, if reach 10,000 or more, people developing some cancer and can die. (MNT, September 2014). This kind of high exposition is possible when any accident in nuclear plant or attack with weapons happen, can have devastating effects on human health, including birth defects, and genetic …show more content…
Big areas affect by radioactivity, today, are isolated or restrict. In Chernobyl there is a red forest. Radioactive particles settled on trees, killing approximately 400 hectares of pine forest. The Red Forest is now one of the most contaminated terrestrial habitats on earth. (World Nuclear Association, November 2014). Almost all fauna was destroyed and there is a place that will be virtually impossible to recover. Despite of worst problems are only when happen accidents, waste nuclear is a long term problem and there is no solution for this. Many people said that the burial of radioactive materials is a solution, but it is wrong because contaminate soil. Currently there is no solution to the problem of radioactive waste, there are nothing that can clean up radiation, which is why the entire nuclear project must be stopped. Environmental damage is a big concern and nuclear waste only this problem worsens. Nuclear power is dangerous for the earth and can be devastating for fauna and

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