Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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About a year ago, I was on the internet and found an interesting article that moved me.
A little girl was suffering from chronic seizures and the prescribed medicine by many doctors was not helping her. The girls ' family decided to do their own research, they wanted to do anything to help her. They found that marijuana could be used to alleviate and prevent seizures. To their surprise the treatment worked, nearly freeing her from the seizures. This event still makes me wonder how many others are out there,being denied of a viable medicinal treatment. Even though the legalization of marijuana can create some problems, such as increasing second hand smoke, it must be legalized because it will generate tax revenue, reduce racial prejudice, aid
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First of all, it will increase second hand smoke because more people will be allowed to smoke the drug. This will bother non-smokers in public and possibly affect the health of those who breathe in the smoke. The children will be most susceptible to this. Furthermore, legalizing the drug will increase exposure to the younger generations by making it seem approved. The teenagers will have an easier access to it and it will hinder their brain development and academics. Finally, marijuana should only be legalized for medicinal purposes to prevent people from getting high for …show more content…
First and foremost, second-hand smoke already exists due to tobacco. Tobacco has little to no medical use but legal for adults. Just like with tobacco, there should be a set of laws governing the use of marijuana. We can ban smoking it in public places, like the parks. Furthermore, it is possible to consume marijuana by means of food and drink. The second argument is also flawed. Putting the sale of marijuana into the government 's hands will eliminate illegal drug-dealers. This will force the teenagars to purchase it in a store, which will be much harder due to age regulations. When interviewing my friend on this manner he said “It is much easier for me to text my dealer for some weed than try to find alcohol.” Finally, legalizing marijuana only for medicinal purposes also has its implications. Firstly, it is a long process to get approved for the use of medicinal marijuana, especially for young children. This is seen in the documentary “WEED” where the parents had to be approved which took some time and delayed treatment. Lastly, alcohol is legalized for recreational purposes, why are we treating marijuana any

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