Why Is Hiroshima Bombing Justified

Hiroshima Essay It has now been a little over seven decades since the catastrophic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unleashed and nuclear warfare was unveiled to the world. This attack took place toward the end of World War II, in which the United States dropped “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” on the Japanese, resulting in detrimental losses, and an inevitable surrender from Japan, but at what cost? The devastation that was caused not only affected Japan, but the entire world at the time. Countless lives were lost and a new type of warfare introduced. A frequent question asked is whether the course of action taken by the U.S. was justified or not. Many argue that these bombings were too severe and that America could have easily taken down …show more content…
After several years of fighting , it was no surprise that each nation was feeling the toll of the conflict, which is why the U.S. wanted to put an end to it. As stated by Taketo Suzuki in ‘Why Was the A-Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima’ “One reason for the atomic bombings given by the United States was to hasten the end of the war.” When dealing with foreign conflict it’s safe to say that a government’s priority should be protecting the lives of their citizens. Continuing to send troops would have resulted in more casualties on the American side, which is why their choice to drop Hiroshima and Nagasaki is deemed admissible, given that the Japanese had already claimed thousands of American souls during WWII, and preventing any more was in the United States best interest. All of the bloodshed from the atomic missiles could have been avoided if Japan had agreed to the allies terms of surrender. These circumstances were found in the Potsdam Declarations, which was announced on July 26, 11 days before Hiroshima was bombed. Plenty of time was given in order to make an appropriate judgment, and the choice was ultimately up to them. However, if Japan failed to succumb to these conditions, utter destruction was unavoidable. Unfortunately, the Japanese government chose to neglect the declarations. As reported by Taketo Suzuki in ‘Why Was the A-Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima’ “On July 28th, two days after the Potsdam Declaration, Prime Minister Kantaro-Suzuki made a statement at a press conference to the effect, “We will ignore (mokusatsu) the Potsdam Declaration.” A government that simply “ignores” something as crucial as a set of conditions that can benefit thousands of your own people by eliminating the possibility of any more deaths is deeply deranged. The prime

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