Persuasive Essay On Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically Modified Food

Every human being requires food in order to stay alive. The food provides the body with the forces it needs to keep the heart beating, the limbs moving, and the lungs breathing. However, during the last century, scientists have been working in laboratories to create a new kind of food. This type of food is called genetically modified food. Genetically modified food comes from plants that have been altered in laboratories. This technology can be accomplished by moving genes from one organism to another by changing genes in an organism that are already present. These changes result in the expression of attributes not found in the original organism. The technology was developed so that food could have specific, desirable
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They point to the example of sweet corn, and they say that sweet corns used to be destroyed by pests. This created serious consequences. Farmers lost a lot of money and their crops got damaged and could not be eaten. Therefore, they say that a great benefit can be found in genetically modified sweet corn, which has been modified to resist insects that cause damage.

• Another possible benefit from genetically modified food is that it improves the air and water quality. For example, farmers use a lot of powerful pesticides for soybeans crops; therefore, farmers are applying huge quantity of this poisonous chemical, which can affect the environment negatively. By having genetically modified soybeans crops, farmers will apply fewer chemicals, so fewer pollutants enter the
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The public relies on the Food and Drug Administration for assurance that the foods we buy are safe. Under the food, drugs, and cosmetic acts, the FDA has the authority to ensure the safety of most domestic and imported foods in the US market.

Possible risks of genetically modified food

• Allergies
• Antibiotic Resistance
• Pesticide Exposure
• Unpredictability and the Unknown illnesses

Countries that ban genetically modified foods
A few years ago, there were sixteen countries that had total or partial bans on GMOs. Now there are at least twenty-six, including Switzerland, Australia, Austria, China, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Mexico and Russia.

The future of genetically modified foods

The controversy surrounding genetically modified foods does not seem to be fading even though there are many scientific evidences proving their necessity and safe use. The best solution for now is to label all the genetically modified food so people with allergies can avoid what they are allergic from. Clearly, there are pros and cons from genetically modified foods; however, there should be extra care taken until the long-term risks are

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