Technology In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'

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Brave New World Essay Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, is a dystopian novel that illustrates what the world would transform into if people were to eliminate individuality, emotion, and thinking to create a society that could be considered “stable.” A new world was constructed that used technology to create people that became mindless, but were able to finally form what was believed to be a stable society. In a world that lacks emotion, individuality, and freedom to truly think, people were conditioned from birth to do a specific task that they were designed for, but nothing else (Huxley, 1932). This subjugation of the people was successful because of the new technological advances that allowed the government, also known as the World State, to regulate and condition …show more content…
People are spending large amounts of their time engulfed in new technology, rather than in human interaction. Huxley views technology as the downfall of humanity, since the power of the World State was found in their technological advancements. People were made by technology, which created a world of even more mindless machines whose sole purpose was to fulfill the task that they were created for. These people were no longer individuals, they were the creation and product of machines. They were even taught to worship these machines (Huxley, 2016). Religion became eradicated in this world, but people were found to be worshiping Henry Ford, the creator of the assembly line, which brought about an enormous change in technology and industry in the twentieth century. Technology was worshiped in this time and they placed such high importance on it. This stability, which was the goal of the society, depended on this new technology. Technology was the foundation of this world described by Huxley, and it was the root of an evil power that slowly infected and took over

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