Aldous Huxley's Novel 'Brave New World'

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Brave New World Choice Novel
Imagine living in a world where every thought you had was predetermined by your government?The characters controlled existence in Brave New World warns of the lack of freedom that was also shown during the reign of Hitler in Germany during WWII, and how knowledge was and still is a powerful tool in order to succeed in life.This type of distopia is reflected In Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World.Huxleys experiences in life contrubited to how he based his characters.The control during WWII also contrubited to the controlling nature of the government Huxley displays in Brave New World.Technology during his era verses the technology in the novel establishes how governments can control people through technology,
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Hitler was able to control millions of people by using fear,intelligence and propaganda to assure his dominance. Hitler struck fear into the hearts of people throughout Europe.He used his political intelligence to shift the rage from the economical downfall onto the Jewish community.He was born a Jewish man yet blamed the economic problems on the Jewish.People followed Hitler because he was able to convince them that if they blamed the Jewish people that all the economic problems will vanish. His use of propaganda reached a wide audience. Television and the radio were avenues for him to spread his ideas to millions of people.(Nazi) He was able to deceive people into believing that getting rid of a whole race would provide benefits. Thousands of Jewish Germans were relocated to ghettos and concentration camps while the community turned a blind eye towards the problem. In Brave New World there are a number of “controllers” who determined how people wuld live and who they would become.In the novel the characters life was already picked for them to keep order and balance. The director in Brave New World establishes this concept of control when he says, “the secret of happiness and virtue - liking what you’ve got to do.All conditioning aims at that, making people like that unescapable social destiny.”(Huxley,26) The government conditions people to believe and …show more content…
He can not become a better person with the control of the government limiting everyone 's freedom. Lenina believes otherwise, she believes that they 're free but in reality she is blind to the truth. Manipulation by the government through propaganda and hypnopaedia is not freedom. The characters in the novel tend to believe everything that they hear from the controllers, because that 's what they were taught to do. In Germany the citizens were forced to obey Hitler. They also did not have a real choice in how they lived their lives since everything was being regulated by one

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