Persuasive Essay: Legalization of Marijauna

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E2-42 Daniel FaybyshevPeriod 8-9 6/11/12“Legalization of Marijuana”
Although to many it may seem as though marijuana is a harmful substance that poisons our nations youth, marijuana has the potential to open many new doors in economics, medicine, security and more. Marijuana should not be as easy to obtain as walking into a convenience store and buying a pack of gum. However, the use of cannabis should be a choice left up to responsible people of age who can make their own wise decisions. Marijuana should be extremely regulated. With that said, Marijuana can be hugely beneficial.Tax revenue could significantly increase with the legalization of marijuana because of its huge popularity. Forty-two percent of America’s population has tried
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In conclusion Marijuana has numerous medical benefits and I believe it is a shame that its medicinal powers cannot be taken advantage of just because the government believes it should be illegal. Medicinal Marijuana offers hope to many people who suffer from disease. Another reason marijuana should be decriminalized, is to ultimately create a safer environment for the general public. Because of the high demand for marijuana the black market has taken upon itself to mass-produce and distribute it to the world. Along with the manufacturing and distribution of drugs come numerous other illegal activities to support it. Guns are given to those who are involved with drug trafficking. From the growers all the way to the local dealers people are carrying guns. Also, other more dangerous drugs are sold to fund the production and distribution of marijuana. Prostitution is also used as a way of funding the production of cannabis. Gang violence is also prevalent with the distribution of marijuana because rival gangs often compete for territory on which they sell their product. Legalizing marijuana would lessen if not eliminate essential components of the black market.It is a valid and reasonable point to make by those who oppose the legalization on Marijuana that Marijuana is a dangerous substance. Unfortunately the use of marijuana does have some negative side effects. Although they are minimal they are still present. Despite its many wonderful

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