Persuasive Essay About Make Up

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Growing up, I was always interested in sports and academics. I never took interest in doing my makeup or hair because I didn 't think I needed it. My mom used to tell me to act more like a lady and start doing my makeup more, but I didn 't pay any mind. I used to be one of those girls that thought makeup was only used to impress people. Then one day, I found myself struggling to do my makeup for a wedding and my mom wasn 't around to help me. That 's when I knew that I should 've listened to her. All I knew was the basic mascara and lipstick, but that was it? I didn 't know about concealer, contouring, or how to wing my eyeliner. It was then that I realized that make up is a step by step process and that there 's a lot more to makeup than just mascara and eyeliner. …show more content…
Most women begin to jump right into doing their makeup and don 't give much thought into washing their face. Believe it or not, the better you take care of your face, the better your makeup will look. It 's easier to just think of your face as a smooth canvas before creating a masterpiece. So first things first, before applying any makeup, make sure to have your skin ready for the process. Start by washing your face with a cleanser, then pat it dry with a face cloth and apply your favorite moisturizer. When your moisturizer is dry and absorbed into your skin, you 're ready to do your

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