Persuasive Essay About Flying

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Two years ago a top-secret government experiment had gone wrong and they accidently released a chemical into the atmosphere that triggered something in everyone’s body that activated a flying ability. The government stated that there are no negative side effects since they didn’t have a reversal agent. Since flying became the norm, we no longer had a use for roads, airports, or even side walks! The streets were converted into sidewalks for those who just want to hover from place to place, but streets are now non-existent. Two years after the incident there’s me—Taylor—a 17-year-old high school senior. I wake up early on Friday morning and I find that it’s time to go to school, I strap on my backpack and start flying slowly to school—I definitely don’t want to go today. Luckily I have to fly to school with my little sister since I have to drop her off at her elementary school—I get to take longer and I have an excuse to be late. …show more content…
We no longer have to rely on vehicles as a mode of transportation—we don’t even have to rely on airplanes. The only downside is having to watch out for those reckless fliers who are texting and flying—definitely don’t want to run into them. I’m actually happy that we can fly because our earth is slowly recovering from the pollution of the past. I’m also happy that I have more independence and I don’t have to rely on my parents to take me to school, or to the mall, or to my friends house who lives about 2 miles away. What makes me even happier is the ability to go outside and actually smell fresh air. I can sleep without those loud car alarms or horns going off in the middle of the night because cars are so obsolete. I get lost in thought and before I know it I’m at my school; slowly I enter the building and for the rest of the school day I hover around school slowly get from class to

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