Argumentative Essay About Education

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Many students around the world today focus mainly one thing while they are in school; a career and their income, but how do you achieve that here in the United States? How does one get the career they want and the income they yearn for to be a success? The answer is education. However, there are several, if not many issues wrong in our education society. I myself having been around getting an education the problem with most that I have seen over these past few years is the investments, money, teaching, and problem with faculty members.
First, an education plays a large part in our lives, from when we first enter pre-school until we graduate college. We need education to gain knowledge, and we also need education to get a good job. There are
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Among these are people that take more than four years to graduate and most lack the experience that employers are looking for in people. Government action is key to reforming colleges thanks to them years of government funding $126 billion of dollars goes to undergrad student aid. Yet, despite giving all this money to colleges and into universities they aren’t punishing institution that are failing their students. According to Third Way the United States has some of the worst graduation rates and here to so that thirty-nine percent of full time college students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years, and fifty-nine percent finish in six years. However more play into this such as faulty incentives; Federal dollars are a key factor in the growth cost of education. Financial aid increases what students are able to pay, and colleges are willing to spend as much as they can after. What shocked me more was lopsided priorities. The government largest invest is entirely focus on supporting academic research than rather promote quality teaching. They put for $33 billion into academic research and only $79 milling to teaching. That means that ever $100 the government spends on research for students it’s giving only 24 cents on improvement on the existing research. Most of this is very much true to date even for me seeing. Cerritos College has some of the best Academic research databases that provides a wide area of choices that anyone can select from research websites, articles, e-books, and

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