Essay about Personality Theories And Theories Of A Person 's Personality

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How humans respond, how humans behave, how humans are interesting to others and how humans are different to others are all influenced by a person’s personality. Personality is the tendencies within a person that influences how they respond to their environment. There are different approaches to personality. One being the nomothetic approach which focuses on identifying the general laws that are put in place for all. The other being idiographic approach that focuses on identifying unique correlations of characteristics and life experiences to explain personality.Many psychologist use behavior to help determine and study personality. There are four main personality theories; psychodynamic,social cognitive, humanistic and trait model. Psychodynamic personality theory was first started by Sigmund Freud, that is based on three core assumptions: psychic determinist, symbolic meaning and unconscious motivation. Psychic determinist is the belief that all psychological events have a reason and that we do not choose what we do but it is a higher power that does it for us. Symbolic meaning is a belief that everything in one’s life has a symbolic meaning of something else. Unconscious motivation is the humans do not understand why we do what we do btu readily make up reasons after we have done something. Freud described that the human psych has three agencies: the id, the ego and the superego. The id consists of one’s basic instincts, with it containing humans most primitive…

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