Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory Of Development

Sigmund Freud’s theories are widely denounced by modern psychologists it cannot be denied that he had a very important place in the history of psychology. The only one of his theories still practiced today, while not very reliably, is dream analysis. His thoughts on development and child sexuality is his most controversial theory. One of his most famous theories was on human behavior and what causes it.

Sigmund Freud was born in a small town in Austria in 1856. When he was four he moved to Vienna. When Nazi Germany annexed Austria, Freud, being Jewish, moved to England. It was after he lived in England that he went to school for biology and became a physicist by trade. This is when Freud founded a branch of psychology known as psychoanalysis.
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The Id is what everyone is at birth. It is the notion that at birth what everyone wants is their basic and most animalistic needs. The Id demands what it needs and does not care about the needs of anyone or anything else. This is what humans supposedly are for the first few years of …show more content…
The Ego is meant to see reality. It knows that there are consequences for being self-centered and impulsive. It is there to make sure that the Id’s needs are met in a realistic manner. The Ego and the Id share the mind until around the age of five.

The Superego is what some might call the conscious. It dictates a human’s sense of right and wrong. It is meant to set limits for the Ego. It is there so that the Id does not take too much and drive a human to an animalistic state. The whole idea behind the theory is a sense of balance in the mind.

Balance between the Id, Ego, and Superego is important to living a normal life. Imbalance between the Id, Ego, and Superego is the cause of hardships and mental problems in the mind. If the Id were to be too strong the person would be impulsive and only act on their own desires. If the Superego were to be too strong a person would be so inflexible on their morals that they would not be able to enjoy their lives.

The theory of behavior Freud proposed was trying to explain what drives us as humans. The theory basically states that all people are all born animals and that people are always trying to satisfy that animalistic side while still trying to lead a moral life. Thus, meaning that the mind is always in conflict even in people who would be considered

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