Personality, Social, And Emotional Development Essay

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Personality is the characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that differ from one individual to another. However, when trying to understand personality, it falls under both social and emotional development, in which was detected in the Five-Factor Personality Test (FFPT). According to this assessment tool it measures an individual’s personality, by dividing it into in five main domains. Out of these five domains, it examines adult personality traits and behaviors. Although, this assessment tool measures these traits and behaviors, at the present time, the test is taken, the stability of one’s personality is not consistent. According to Broderick & Blewitt (2015), there are some shifts in these traits with age, that characterize people in general, that may be linked to maturation (p.483)
FFPT scores and descriptions (Buchanan, 2013)
Factor I: Extraversion (AKA Surgency)-The measurement of this factor shows my behavior in, social situations, is relatively low when compared to others who took this test. I am more of an introvert, and when in social situations I do not do well, so therefore I would agree with this result.
Factor II: Agreeableness (AKA Friendliness)-The measurement of this factor shows people that score high tend to be trusting, friendly and cooperative. Low scorers tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative. Compared to other people who have taken this test, my score on this dimension is relatively high, and I would agree, because I am a…

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