Personality Traits Of The Line Manager: Taylor Trent

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Line Management: Taylor Trent
What personality traits does the line manager exhibit?
This manager exhibits a straight forward as well as lenient personality traits. She is very direct in knowing what needs to get done, how, and in telling who exactly what to do, but she also knows not everyone can do everything. So, she helps them out or does that specific tasks and gives them a separate one that she knows they can do.
By being direct but lenient she can have employees respect her because they tend to know if she could do it then she would not ask for their help.
Which motivational theory does the line manager use? Why? How?
Taylor uses the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. She thinks employees will not work until someone satisfies their
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If they do not feel safe, for instance a sketchy customer comes in, and they let them do another tasks that requires little to no time with customers they will most likely do the job. If they feel left out they most likely will not do the job, so it is important to invite them to all the employee events. If they are doing the work and never get recognized or get a thank you they tend to start doing a poorer and poorer job, so to recognize them boosts their esteem to keep doing the best job they can. Lastly, if they do not feel like they can handle the job, it is nice to show them they can and get their self-actualization up.
What motivates the line manager?
Taylor is motivated by making money. She is currently in high school so she needs to start saving for college.
Money is usually not the best motivator, especially for someone raising in the ranks. But, if the reason she comes into work is money than it works for
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Being a new business employees are involved in decision making. The top manager wants to know how things are working for them, what is hard and what is easy, what they think something should be, or how something should go. So the employees are very involved in the decision making process.
Having employees being involved with decision making will allow them to feel accomplished within the business. Seeing a decision that they helped make come into play within the business is a huge motivator to most. In a time of crisis when our largest attraction broke down one employee suggested they get balls and make a ball pit. That decision did get implement. This motivated the employee to take care of it, even though it was a pain when the balls fell out easily, because they knew that was their idea.
How does team building occur?
Team building mostly occurs at staff meetings because it is the most direct route to have all the employees at one place and one time. Their staff meetings are once a month and the employees learn who the new employees are (if there are any), what needs to change or has been changed, and there is usually a small reward like a gift card to

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