Reflection On Police Brutality

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Now in terms of my personal view on police brutality, I honestly feel it is discriminative, unnecessary, and it only oppresses those who aren’t able to defend themselves. It is definitely a problem because it causes people within whatever community to fear the ones who are supposed to withhold the law. Let’s think about the Black Lives Matter movement, some people would say it is a movement that promotes violence within the black community and it discriminates against the rest of the “races” because it only states “black” lives. So in hindsight they make the black lives matter movement out to be a problematic social group that is selfish and full of resistance. However, this is not the case. If I stand up for my rights or even ask a question, as a black man, I am liable to lose my life or be thrown in jail because historically my people have been painted to be unruly animals that need to be detained or eliminated. When it comes to my actual relationship with police brutality, I am blessed to say that I have never had to experience it. I have been followed around, stopped and questions by police and I have even been told I fit the description of a criminal; however, I have never had any physical altercations with the police. Now I know people that have had to experience being mistreated up by the police and it’s not a good sight. It’s as if there is …show more content…
I am really passionate about this topic because so many black people have died at the hands of cops recently and it’s a detrimental thing to experience. It is scientifically proven that when a black person is killed by someone of another race especially a cop, it is felt by everyone of that culture. The reason being is the idea of fictive kin and the theory of the Ubuntu. Culturally, African Americans are more community based and interdependent, therefore, when tragedy happens the affect is felt due to the meaning of Ubuntu which means “I am what I am because of what we

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