Personal Statement : ' Take A Seat ' Essay

2019 Words Nov 28th, 2016 9 Pages
"Take a seat." For corporate leaders in position of great power and authority without equivalence, they say this in their offices, for me, it was in the corner of a boxing gym.

In fact, it was while I was a volunteer at Gleason 's Gym New York, during the 7th annual New York Boxing Tournament. My supervisors, Dr. Beatty and Dr. King, instructed me to record a boxer 's heart rate, blood pressure, and facilitate the boxer when the doctors were ready to give a check-up before their fight. The cold touch of the stethoscope on a well-structured body pumped with adrenaline was an all too familiar sight for me, since I too am a boxer. Because of my experience, I knew how to instruct each boxer to stay in an orderly line despite their anxiety for their upcoming fight. As the line became short enough for me see the end, I saw my opponent was dead last. This was my opportunity to educate my opponent who was in charge.

Bryan Cardoso, a slim 5 '9" Mexican who earned the reputation of being a relentless boxer in the ring won the prestigious 89th annual Daily News Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. I could tell from the look in his eyes when our eyes met that he trusted his technique and was confident he could take me, a short 5 '6" American. Despite the heavy intimidation, I reciprocated his glare because I also won the 89th annual Daily News Golden Gloves Tournament. The only difference between our statuses in the boxing community, was the weight class we dominated. For the New York…

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