Personal Statement : Self Fulfilling Prophecy Essay

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1When we refer to self-fulfilling prophecy is when an inaccurate expectation lead to an actions that would cause that expectations to come true. This, mostly likely to occur when people holding the erroneous expectations and control the social encounter due to a positive feedback between belief and behavior positive feedback will help the student to strive more especially when they special needs students. Teachers and Paras tend to guide students into success or failure. When I see a student as an achiever, I would say good job or call on him more often.
4We can acquire self-knowledge in many ways. Social comparison, the processes by which people come to know themselves by comparing for example their abilities, attitudes, and beliefs with those of other people. My friend at work I always compare myself to her she is older than me but she can run faster. Reflected appraisals process the process through which people come to know themselves by observing or imagining how others view them. I went to my cousin birthday and I was hungry and everyone looking at how much food I took to eat. Self-perception the process through which people observes their own behavior to infer internal characteristics such as traits, abilities, and attitudes. For example, when I walk in a room full with people I say hello to everyone because I know them and I am not shy with them. 5 What is attitude? It can be positive or negative of things; it also develops from several…

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