Personal Statement : Public Value Essay example

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Public service is “the people establishment” that delivers services to citizens, promotes the collective interest, and accepts the resulting responsibilities (James et al., 2014), while public value is the value created by the government for citizens through the provision of public services, passing of laws and other government activities (Management Association Information Resources, 2015). Sometimes public value is defined as the context specific preferences of individuals, the rights, obligations and benefits to which citizens are entitled as well as the obligations expected (Kelly et al., 2002). Citizens are the focus of public value. Public value can be created through delivery of quality public services, effectiveness of public organizations, and by developing trust between the public and the government.
Every government department has its mission, vision, rules and regulations that guide and govern it. Personal ethics statement is the foundation for public administrators, which helps them assimilate the Codes of Conduct when they join the public service. Being in the public service for 15 years, I have realized the significance of preserving the values of public service for building citizens’ trust in government, and enhancing service delivery.

(a) Professionalism
(b) Effectiveness and Efficiency
(c) Integrity
(d) Transparency
(e) Incorruptibility
(f) Accountability and Responsibility
(g) Public interest
(h) Honesty
(i) Benevolence

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