Essay on Personal Statement On The Mobile Platform

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Introduction The mobile platform has been at the forefront of innovation in the last 5 years. We now have access to our email, personal media, and people we care about within reach of our pockets. Smartphones have recently made our lives easier with its quick access to services we didn’t have before. Applications like GrubHub and Uber allow us to get food delivered that would not normally and find an easy and safe ride to any destination. With mobile payments, companies like Google and Apple want to make the same to make the process of shopping even easier. Putting a user’s credit cards, debit cards, and/or bank accounts in a unified application that you can pay with just tap. Now this automation makes life better but at what cost to the user.
This paper attempts to solve the problem that many consumers have of personal security in mobile payments. The first chapter of the research begins with history behind mobile payments and how it is used in commerce today. Then it will dive deeper into breakdown of the different types of mobile payments that occur every day. The following chapters in the research focuses on two types of payments with proximity and remote payment. Each type will show exactly how it is implemented and the security measures needed to protect the sensitive data. The last chapter will provide a synthesized outlook on the previous chapters and give an outlook on what the future has in store. With this in mind, the paper ultimately will shed light for any…

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