Personal Statement On Social Security Essay

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If one of my friends or relatives were to bring up a conversation about older people stealing social resources away from everyone else, I would be very upset and try to respond with a well-educated response proving that they are not stealing social resources. After completing the activity in class I realized that yes when you retire at age 65 you get social security but normally is not an income you can depend on. People do not realize that when you are older you are generally paying for a lot more expensive items such as more medicine because of health problems, special clothing, etc. When my group did the social security assignment in class it made me realize it is true that social security is not money given to an elder to live a comfortable life after retirement. We were given $955 a month with the elder being 75 years old. This amount was to help cover expenses during that particular month but we were barely making it. We had to pay for special socks and clothing, medicine, a good healthy diet, payments on the car, and taxes for everything. When it comes down to it, you may have to decide what is more important. Just because you get a paycheck every month does not mean you will be able to afford every item you need. That is what the complainers are thinking is happening when they say the ‘greedy old geezers’ are stealing the social resources. They think that the elders are taking all the social resources away to live a comfortable life without working but in reality the…

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