Personal Statement On Self Disclosure Essay

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186. How comfortable would you be as a therapist disclosing personal aspects of yourself (your fantasies, impulses, images, or metaphors from your own life) to your clients?

From my personal point of view, I believe that self-disclosure can be a very useful and effective skill when used properly. However, when therapists share their own personal views or personal aspects of themselves it is important for them to keep in mind that this should be done only for the purpose of helping the client, and not to meet the therapist personal needs. Personally, I would feel comfortable to disclose personal aspects of myself to my clients, however, as a therapist I would have to evaluate different counseling aspects (e.g. culture, religion, education, family values, expectations, etc.) to effectively decide how much information could be share during the therapeutic process. For instance, disclosing information can definitely increase trust in the counseling relationship, but it can also become a boundary-violation if the client begins to see the therapist as a friend instead of a mental health professional.

202. Under stress, does your family become more enmeshed or more disengaged? Describe and explain the behavioral consequences for each member of your family and for the family as a whole. After analyzing the structure or organization of my family based on patterns of interactions, subsystems, and boundaries I have to say that under stress my family falls between enmeshment…

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