Essay on Personal Statement On Pursuit Of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness Coming from a family where money is the principal lack is not easy, but it becomes even more difficult when families get separated in order to reach “The American Dream.” The main objective my parents were pursuing was economic stability, but without losing our core values, unity and respect for each other. This was difficult, but God and fate prepared us for the task. Since I was a child I always have seen my family as volleyball in a game bouncing with no direction, but always united. I was born in Galveston, Texas in 1998, immaturity did not let me comprehend the suffering of my parents, they were by themselves in the city with no one to support on. I remember my mother with her eyes full of tears saying “Vamos a regresarnos a Saltillo, pobres pero felices.” My father always answered “No, aquí es donde está el dinero, hay que aguantar.” After two years my mother finally could convince my father to go back to México, for the first time we were going to get separated. My mother, my sister and I came back to Mexico, my father decided that he would stay in Galveston to generate money so we could have a better life, it felt like a bucket of cold water fell to us. Even though my father visited us every two weeks when we were in Mexico my mother emanated sadness because of her loneliness. 4 years full of anguish passed by until we could make it no more, my father came back with us to Mexico. I remember those years were the best, we all were united as a…

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