Personal Statement On Personal Identity Research Essay

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Personal Identity Research Paper
My Answers I classify myself as a white, Irish-Italian- American, woman. My mother was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and my paternal grandparents are from Sicily, Italy. My maternal grandfather impacted my development of my ethnic and cultural identity. He instilled me with pride and appreciation for my Irish roots. Specifically, he brought me over to Belfast to learn and experience the culture. I learned firsthand about religious intolerance from the hostility between the Protestants and Catholics. I saw families torn apart because a mother was one religion and the father another. In addition, people were living under the threats of terrorism, bombing, propaganda graffiti, and in a police state. Despite the hostilities I grew to love the country and its people.
Equally, my paternal grandmother taught me about my Italian heritage by: cooking specialties from Sicily; telling me stories of her homeland; explaining traditions and superstitions, and speaking language. I am grateful to both my grandparents for exposing me to their customs. Overall, I feel my identity matches the way others view me; but, people of other races fail to recognize the different white cultures. For example: Irish culture differs from Italian culture; which differs from Swedish culture; so, white is not one big homogenous culture. Undoubtedly, gender has affected my persona more than my nationality or cultural upbringing. For instance, I have six brothers…

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