Personal Statement On Lifestyle Change Project Essay

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Lifestyle Change Project
For the lifestyle change project, I chose to reduce my energy consumption. The primary reason for choosing this was to save money. Energy consumption was one aspect of the environment that had not paid much attention to. This change is also universal. Anyone can make a conscious effort to reduce his or her electricity consumption. It essentially requires awareness to the issue. Electricity use has “environmental implications, a reduction in electricity use by any means is beneficial. The reductions that come from simple changes in behavior are some of the easiest to achieve” (Friedland, Relyea, & Courard, 2012, pp. 338). This change allowed me to analyze my impact on the environment.
For the goal of this project, I choose five aspects that contributed the greatest to my lifestyle’s electricity consumption. The major three aspects are: Length of time lights is on, temperature setting on the thermostat, and pool pumps cycles. I also tracked the amount of loads of laundry my family did as well as refrigeration use. As previously stated, being conscious of your actions is half of the battle.
To begin, I first kept a log of how long the lights in bedroom are on. This averaged about 5.75 hours a day. I then replaced the standard incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. More than “one-fifth of US electricity is used to power artificial lighting. Light-emitting diodes based on group III/nitride semiconductors are bringing about a revolution…

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