Air Conditioning Will Be The End Of Us Analysis

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Written by Eric Klinenberg, in July 17, 2013, “Viewpoint: Air-Conditioning Will Be the end of us” is an article from the time Inc., that argues how Americans abuse the use of the Air-Conditioning system when the heat goes up. Klinenberg argues in his article that every American whenever the temperature rises to a high heat in their city instead of using the Air-Conditioning wisely as there as suppose to the crank it up to cool down every room in their house. In his article Klinenberg demonstrates how nothing has changed in all this years while using the Air-Conditioner. He states that “Today Americans use twice as much energy for air-conditioning as we did 20 years ago, and more than the rest of the world’s nations combined” (Klinenberg). Klinenberg, makes a good argument on how the Air-Conditioning can be harmless to the environment, however his extensive use of pathos shows that his argument is based on his feelings on the environment.
As Klinenberg article continues he expresses concern on how the use of the air-conditioning will harm the environment, as he argues that the use of the ac is harmful for the environment and people don’t realize that the more the use it the more
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He explains that he is “hardly against air conditioning. During the heat wave” (klinenberg) because the elderly can be comfortable during the heat. For them is hard during the summer time because they are either in health program home or live in an urban apartment. Klinenberg makes a good argument because even though he is somehow against the use of the ac system he knows that the elderly needed to survive the high temperatures they live in and stay cool for the rest of the summer. Klinenberg also talks about how air-condition also helps offices with their productivity because it helps employees have a better work environment while they are working hard in their

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