Personal Statement Of My Adolescence Essay

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Personal Reflection Paper
A Personal Testimony of My Adolescence It is safe to say that the adolescent years were some of the most heartbreaking, complex, yet happiest years of my life. My mother married my stepfather that created a horrible home life. I did not grow unlike all of my friends: small, petite, lightweight, athletic, and short. I had many friends and boyfriends during my middle school years; my social life was one aspect of my adolescence that seemed to thrive. I was well liked and had many friends. I loved school because I was intelligent and my teachers seemed to like me.

Physical Development of My Adolescence During my adolescence, my growth was very slow. I have always been blessed with good genes: small stature, high metabolism, and overall healthy. I was always small and skinny. I played soccer at a competitive level that helped me keep in shape. I was always the smallest girl on the team, but that never stopped me from being the girl with the loudest mouth or biggest kick. Once I was allowed to play sports for my school, I played all of the sports that I could: softball, basketball, soccer, and track. Not only had I played all those sports for two years, but I was good at most of them. I was very petite and it was hard to find clothes that would fit my particular body type. I could not wear the “cool” clothes like everyone else did because the clothes were way too big for me. I hit puberty late compared to the other girls in my school. I did not get…

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