Personal Statement Of Informed Beliefs Essay

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Statement of Informed Beliefs Essay
As a future teacher I’m excited to teach the future generation and give them the best education that I can offer. One thing I’m very excited about is getting to know and learn about all the cultures I will come across in my teaching career. Each student is a different learner and knowing this I am fully aware that I won’t be able to expect that the way I teach will not be perfect for every child. In this paper I will show my own beliefs about diversity and how I will make sure it is celebrated in my classroom. My views will be separated into the following sections: all students can learn, teacher’s expectations, student’s social ecology theory, cultural diversity instruction, and curriculum for all learners.
All Students Can Learn
When teaching students of all walks of life I know that I 'm going to be coming across students who don 't want to learn or follow rules, aren 't on the same level of learning ability as the average student, or are farther ahead compared to their classmates. I believe that you can plan for those future students in such thorough detail but you 'll never fully understand what you need to do until you 're confronted with a class full of students who are all very different. Each student has a right to an education, and this belief of mine is what has driven me to become an educator and what will make me a great teacher. My plan when providing a great learning experience is to incorporate team work, communication…

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