Personal Statement: My Need For Nursing And Assistant Doctor

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Being lived in a countryside town for my entire childhood, I continually observed the need for appropriate medical care for several of my family members, relatives and friends. Since when I know I have always been respectful of my pediatrician sister who attended medically underserved and the needy people whenever she can. She and my fascination for working of human body served as my inspiration to attend Medical School. Through solid efforts, I attended one of the best colleges in Maharashtra state of India. For compulsory rotations, I joined a state owned district hospital with thousands of daily patients, which provided exposure to varied patient conditions and diseases consequently giving vital experience through practical training and …show more content…
The ever existing paucity of resources encouraged me to effectively utilize limited resources and become an excellent team player while using medical help at hand. Apart from conducting daily rounds, outpatient checkups, I was entrusted to manage inpatient care and supervise team of nurses from time to time. The experience here has enhanced my ability to quickly diagnose the patient’s issues and provide them with immediate care. My proficiency in four different languages allowed me to effectively communicate with patients and understand their needs properly. The knowhow of the area and the culture allowed me to understand local issues and need to tackle them I enthusiastically took initiative in arranging several programs to raise awareness about prevalent diseases like polio, malaria, typhoid and more socially affecting like female feticide. I was regularly complimented for my organized, thoughtful and focused behavior by my colleagues, staff, and …show more content…
I took several observerships with different doctors who provided me with much needed exposure to health system and advanced techniques in field of Gynecology and Gerontology. Observership helped me extend my knowledge of endemic diseases and ongoing research in fields like balance in old people, adipose tissue culture. During observerships, I learned the importance of patient comfort and wholesome communication between patient and doctor is a key factor for efficient and meaningful patient care. The idea of bonding, working with, and supporting a patient all through their illness and the opportunity to help people gives me an immense feeling of personal satisfaction.
Internship, subsequent jobs and my personal qualities like organizational skills, compassion, and drive have tremendously helped me enhance at professional level. I believe in performing my best in the field I have chosen. This reflects professionally as well as in my hobbies like painting and cooking. I love painting and have passed professional elementary and intermediate examinations with honors to extend my knowledge and skills of

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