Personal Statement : My Mother Essay

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Personal Statement
When I was twenty three I found out that I was pregnant. Though not planned I knew that I wanted this child. I was married and thought, we can do this. We were not financially secure, but we had time. Then reality hit, and I remembered that my husband was not father material. I did not want my child to grow up thinking it was okay to hit women because his father did. The fact I wanted my child did not change. So I did the only thing I could, I set out to be a mother on my own. This was not easy by any means. I had no job, nothing more than a high school diploma and no clue what to do next. The next few years were the hardest for me. After giving birth to my son I decided I wanted to go into social work. I look at him and seen this little person with no voice who was completely reliant upon me. I admit my mother’s love of Nancy Grace played a part to. The horror stories about children being killed by loved one was just another reason from me to go into social work. During my field experience my junior year at Morehead I got the opportunity to intern at the local domestic violence shelter. From there things changed for me. I currently work at that same domestic violence shelter and I have to say I love my job. I feel that my personal experience, being a survivor of domestic violence helped me to relate and better assist the clients. To see women who have been abused and rise above it is amazing. The problem is that even with the success stories there is…

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