Personal Statement : My Goals Essay

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Personal Mission Statement as it relates to my goals: And How I Plan to complete it

“By creating a personal mission statement, you make one of your personal goals supremely important. This gives you the best possible chance of achieving it, which is essential for some types of goal.” (“” 2015.) My specific Personal Mission Statement that relates to my goals includes staying focused and efficient in my: 1. artwork projects, 2. Studies, 3. and financial & health situation.
This is how I plan to complete my personal mission. I hope to find another job soon to help myself and my family, as well as work on my (oil portraits & paintings) for charities, & art for home décor. I will continue working on & trying to get help to finance my artworks (as well as to have an art show when my goal of over fifteen fine art oil paintings is complete). This will help me in the direction of getting closer to my art gallery dream.
It is important not to allow the stresses in life deter you from achieving your goals. “We experience stress when we feel threatened, and when we believe that we don 't have the resources to deal with a challenging situation. Over time, this can cause long-term health problems; and it can also affect the quality of our work and our productivity.” (“” 2014.) I have experienced this challenge first hand. Now, I plan on focusing more on learning better management skills to improve the quality of life and work for better results and…

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