Essay on Personal Statement : My Educational Goals

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1. My educational goal consists of acquiring a Bachelor 's degree in Civil Engineering. I am preparing to do this by taking High School classes that are providing the basic concepts I need to learn before I take an Engineering course in college. Some examples of classes that have helped me get prepared are Physics by teaching me the basic principles of motion and concepts of energy and force, AP Statistics by giving me rigorous assignments, Intro to Engineering Design that taught me how to utilize AutoCAD to design objects; proudly I have designed a house using AutoCAD. I would also like to obtain a PE (Professional Engineer) License. My overall career aspiration is to either become a Civil, Structural, or Mechanical Engineer. The main reason to why I want to go into Engineering is because I enjoy challenging myself, especially when it comes to math and technology; and college will teach me how to incorporate those two together in engineering.
I have been able to research what I want to study in college and do as a career in AVID. I wouldn’t of done much without the AVID program; I wouldn’t have obtained community service hours, felt the obligation to present my best effort in school, challenge myself and I wouldn’t have learned as much about who I am. Although I started doing most of this for grades it has helped me get accepted into colleges, showed me my personality type and my academic vulnerabilities that I can improve. Along with being able to ask questions on subjects…

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