Essay on Personal Statement : Motivation And Goals

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Motivation and Goals

Throughout the quarter we have learned a lot about why we behave in the manner that we do. We learned of how humans aim for homeostasis when performing actions and striving for their goals. As for me, my years at the university thus far have been defining ones to say the least. Seeing how far I have come since I first entered college three years ago astounds me. I know my journey is not yet done, as my time comes to a close, there are still many ways I hope grow and moments I hope to have. I am currently striving to be content on my own while figuring out what I hope to do for my last adventure before I ultimately settle down in life. Pertaining to a short-term goal, I hope to flourish on my own. Throughout college I have had the security blanket of being in a sorority and being in relationships with different guys. While at the beginning of the current quarter the world I had come to know, differed in many ways. I decided last minute to move in with people outside of my sorority and my most current relationship ended. As Ryan and Deci (2000) state in their research done on motivation, that to achieve well being someone must satisfy their need for competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Out of those three needs, the only one being satisfied in my previous environment was relatedness. I lacked a sense of competence as I felt like everyone was always competing with me, trying to discredit the good I was doing so that consequently, they could shine in…

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