Essay on Personal Statement : Learning Processes, And Human Behavior

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WMU Personal Statement
From a very young age I have taken a particular interest in education, learning processes, and human behavior. It is this interest that has driven me to explore career options within the field of behavior analysis, while focusing my efforts in the school and classroom environments. My academic and practical experiences in behavioral science and elementary education have provided me with unique learning experiences and exposure to many different aspects of the education system. As my repertoire in education has developed and I have gained classroom exposure, I am able to better define the role I most desire to play within the system. Providing behavior analytic services, teaching preschool, directing a school-age latchkey program, substitute teaching, and volunteer work both in special education and typical development classrooms have afforded me familiarity with classroom routines, schedules, and common logistical struggles experienced by public school faculty.
Throughout my undergraduate work I have diligently and enthusiastically studied the principles of behavior in a program with a specified focus on Applied Behavior Analysis. Although educational and school psychology fundamentally require utilization of many psychological techniques and approaches, I am interested in implementing evidence-based practices using applied behavior analysis and related techniques in my future work in schools. Although I am interested in applying my skills in a…

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