Personal Statement : High School And College Essay

1295 Words Aug 28th, 2016 null Page
High school and college are two extremely different aspects of life. In high school, succeeding means showing up to class, and doing your homework. While succeeding in college means something much deeper. These next two years hold the utmost gravitas, allotting for a successful adult life. With the employment of my two year plan, I will discover my identity, and how I can flourish in my college life, and in the work field. In order to be successful, one must bring important concepts of themselves to the college and work field. The five most important concepts of myself are that I am responsible, respectful, self-reliant, trustworthy, and a leader. Each concept is important for excellence in college and a job. For example, a teacher should be responsible because they are handling the lives of our future generations. A good worker should always be respectful to everyone and allow for a potent atmosphere of camaraderie and belonging. A teacher must also be a leader because they are left in charge of students, and must assure that the handling of the classroom remains on par. To be successful, a teacher, or a college student, must be self-reliant and not force others to do their work for them. Overall, you must be trustworthy so that the school does not have qualms about leaving you in charge. In addition to my unique personality traits, I have also acquired some valuable information to help me in my drawn out life after high school. My prior knowledge of college has always…

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